About Us

666 Hexes is a secret collective, a coven, a cult.
We are a group of like-minded individuals who have come together with a shared passion for creating statement anti-fashion that is inclusive and eye-catching.
We're a self-funded start up who have begun our journey with the introduction of a dazzling range of haute couture sunglasses. We believe in style that transcends trends, so our frames are made to last.
Produced from 8mm acetate, derived from wood pulp which is a renewable source, they are very lightweight and hypoallergenic too.
Sunglasses are just the beginning - we have ambitious plans to diversify into many different collections and categories of anti-fashion.
Our objective is to design pieces that are both captivating and ageless, ensuring that they remain a valuable addition to your wardrobe. We are committed to developing maximalist anti-fashion that is impervious to the ebb and flow of fads and will endure the test of time.
Sunglasses are more than just an embellishment; they are an announcement of individuality that can immediately enhance any ensemble. They have the power to hide the windows to your soul, giving you an air of mystery and intrigue.
Our vintage-inspired sunglasses collection is designed to do just that - beguile and seduce both the wearer and the audience. Our intention is to empower our clients to express themselves beyond the boundaries of conventional fashion and to feel self-assured and exclusive.
Our sunglasses are a continuation of our collective spirit and a symbol of our brand's dedication to producing anti-fashion that is both daring and timeless.
✬The Devil is in the details ✬